Redfern Converting Machinery

About Redfern


Redfern Machinery Ltd previously named Mann Redfern has been trading since 2000 and traces its origins within the industry to 1983. Redfern deals exclusively in machinery for the flexible packaging & paper industries. Our customers are very large multi-nationals as well as the smallest start-up business. Some of our engineers have been with the company from the very beginning and have experience that can only be earned over 30 years of rebuilding machines; dismantling; reinstalling and commissioning.

We are always ready to spend whatever time it takes to find the best machine for you our customer. We work directly with most of the equipment manufacturers and have established long-standing relationships.

When dealing in a marketplace that has so many different types of products and machines knowledge and experience is paramount when negotiating at engineering, production and commercial levels. You may not know exactly what it is that you need, but, please feel free to ask our advice and assistance.

Our banner says - "Consult the Specialist" and that is how we deal with every enquiry, project and order we receive and we do not intend to lose that hard-won reputation.