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Width 1600mm
weight 10-150g/m2
Hospital and medical products

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Annual output: 2000 tons (say 8,000hours based on 2.2denier single filament )
Extruder size: 130 Ø×32 L:D
Max. winding diameter: 1000mm
Process speed: 10-130m/min
Installed power: approx. 700kW: 

1. Web width: 1600mm
Single filament titer: 1.8-2.2 denier
Web weight: 10-150g/m2
Dosing and mixing system
Consisting of a main material tank, two auxiliary tanks, a mixing tank, a suction device, a metal detector, complete with an alarm unit for low and high chip levels, automatic control of feeding. Max. feeding capacity for main material: 480kg/hr Volume of storage hopper: 0.6m3 Max. mixed components: 3

2. Extruder Max. extruding capacity: 350kg/hr: Screw diam 130mm L/D: 32 No. of heating zones: 7

3. Spinning machine, The melt coming from the extruder becomes filaments after passing through the filter, melt distribution line, metering pump and spin packs. It also includes automatic heating and insulating system, pressure indication and control system behind filtering screen.
3.2.1 Output: 2000 tons/year
Single filament titer: 1.6-2.2denier
Web weight: 10-150 g/m2
3.2.2 Melt prefilter Filtering precision: 60µm
3.2.3 Metering pump and  drive :Metering capacity: 200cm3/r
3.2.4 Spinning beam: With electrical heating: No. of heating zones: 13
3.2.5 Melt distribution line With electrical heating
3.2.6 Spin pack No. of holes: 8782
Hole diameter:F0.5mm: L/D ratio:5
Material for spinneret and distribution plate: heat-resistance SS
4 Edge recycle extruder Screw size: f105 x 15
5 Quenching and drawing system 

6 Web former -carrier for the drawn fiber webs, including a drive system for web forming belt, a suction channel device, a sealing device, an automatic correcting device, belt tensioning device, a frame and a pre-pressing roller 

Max. mechanical speed: 150m/min: Process speed: 10-130m/min
7 Calender for bonding formed webs by pressure and heating. 

8 Winder Working width: 2000mm
Max. winding diameter: 1000mm
Ref 2939

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