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In our "ABOUT" page you will see who and what we are.

We sell mostly USED/ SECOND HAND machinery and occasionally we sell NEW as we act as agent for some manufacturers. The majority of the machines we sell are delivered & installed by our engineers. Not only do we sell and install but on many occasions we have performed the service of moving & reinstalling customer machines where they are themselves re-siting.

Some examples of mainly large machinery that we have sold recently and dismantled, packed for shipment and reinstalled:

  • Schiavi Solvent Laminator UK to USA
  • Uteco Onyx 8 colour flexo press - UK
  • Fischer & Krecke 8 colour Flexo Press Sweden to South Africa
  • Comexi 8 colour Flexo Press UK to South Africa
  • Rotomec 9 unit gravure press - UK
  • W&H PRIMAFLEX press: UK
  • Large non-woven plant for the production of fibres - Italy to India
  • Cerutti 9 unit gravure press - UK to Pakistan
  • Cerutti 8 unit gravure press - UK to South Africa
  • Complete printing factory of 2 Flexopress machines with slitter rewinders & laminators - Europe to Asia
  • Valmet twin knife sheeter - Finland to Russia

Almost all of our sales of laminators; slitter rewinders; flexopress machines; are dismantled & installed by our specialist engineers giving you the satisfaction that we stay with the job until completion.

"Consult the Specialist"!